Eddy Ankrett


Eddy has more than 30 years’ experience helping and advising business in the exciting and rewarding franchise world since starting and building his own franchise in 1992 before selling to a public company. Most recently he started and help build a franchise opportunity along with 2 other founders for locksmiths which has now become the largest network of local locksmiths in the UK. With experience on both sides of the board table, as CEO and NED, Eddy has first-hand experience of the challenges a growing business faces and in particular the critical role strategy plays in every aspect of a company's operations. Eddy’s entrepreneurial experience covers start-up through to successful sale, turnaround, integration, divestments and acquisitions. He firmly believes there has never been a better time to either franchise a business or become a franchisee and especially with the Government's Start-Up Loan, now is the time to either grow your business by franchising or buy a franchise and work for yourself.For honest, direct advice, contact us now.Contact at: [email protected]

Mat Bullock


A Social media & digital marketing expert, Mat is a serial entrepreneur and has looked after marketing in all the businesses he has been involved with over 3 decades. He also helped develop the social media software that is used in the businesses Your Business Group build for others.

He has been in business all his life. His father had a tv & radio shop in Washwood Heath In Birmingham from the month he was born in 1968. Then he worked alongside his father to build the business up. Mat started helping his father as soon as he could walk!

At 16 Mat started his first business alone, a DJ agency. He had started playing at parties at 14 years old. By his mid 20's he had in excess of 40 DJs working for him every weekend in the Midlands and UK. He also mixed tracks in some of the biggest clubs in the UK, Ibiza and Spain and sometimes played to over 15,000 people. Furthermore, he had remixes released on vinyl and guest hosted across many radio station & won DJ Of The Year in 2002.

During the same time, Mat started the UK's first DJ & disco online shop and an internet cafe which was an entrepreneurial milestone. He then began owning and running bars, a total of 8 after only two years. His penchant and flair for business was very clear by now.

Mat ran the marketing for all of these businesses and has been involved in marketing and digital marketing for about 32 years. He brings to the table a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to support new and existing entrepreneurs set and run their own online businesess.

Mat sold all of his businesses in 2016 and started Social Command, a Digital Marketing and Social Media agency partnering with a Canadian development company.

In recent years Mat teamed up with Jey and the result was the Your Business Group. Together they have decades of experience to help others achieve their entrepreneurial dreams of financial, location and time freedom!

Contact at: [email protected]



Jey is a very successful, influential and strategic business leader recognised for his experience in the commercial and technical industry. In the corporate sector, Jey was responsible for sales, marketing and technology helping corporations deliver consistently excellent results. He influenced decision making on a global scale.

After two decades in the world of international corporate, Jey embarked upon a mission to transfer his skills to set up an online business listing organisation. The goal was to inspire entrepreneurs to set up and invest in successful and high revenue generating online businesses.

Using his executive decision making skills and specialist background in international business helped Jey to select the very best online business models for new and serial entrepreneurs to invest in.

Without doubt. Jey is emotionally intelligent and entrepreneurial in approach and he is constantly looking for opportunities for others to achieve transformation and growth. In particular in the sector of e-commerce and cloud-based technology. His goal oriented motivation inspired him to leave the rat race and set up Your Business Group. Jey is also the Founder and MD of Love My Businesses.com, another successsful Business listing site.

Jey's sincere goal is to inspire as many entrepreneurs around the world as possible to set up their first, second or third businesses.

Contact at: [email protected]


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